Breastfeeding for Beginners

Breastfeeding for Beginners

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The Breastfeeding for Beginner's eCourse is great for new moms who need guidance on breastfeeding. If you're tired of scouting in different groups on where to get started with breastfeeding this ecourse is just for you.

It's delivered via audio and demonstratioso you can work it at your own pace. It's also a read course so you can read along as you're breastfeeding and need the information. It's essential for any new mom or mom to be who wants to really be successful in breastfeeding.
Here's what you get:


Lesson 1:
How Breastfeeding Works/How your milk is made
What to do when your milk comes in
Important things to observe for in your baby for the first few days that indicates hunger
How often and when to feed your baby

Lesson 2:
The most common problems that occur with breastfeeding
How to treat these common problems
Discover how to alleviate common problems associated with breastfeeding

Lesson 3:
Discover how to correctly and comfortably latch your baby
Step-by-step process to latching your baby correctly that will NOT cause pain.
The absolute MUST HAVE's for breastfeeding in the early days
Why so many new moms, despite their best intentions, FAIL to breastfeed past the 1 month mark
Discover the two P's that are the foundation to correctly latching your baby
Ways to alleviate sore nipples to keep you on track to breastfeeding your baby with ease.

Bonus Video
Learn when you should use an electric vs. manual breast pump
Directions and guidelines for breast pumping

Bonus Reading Material
You'll also receive a printable breastfeeding kit that goes over breast milk thawing guidelines
Breast milk storage guidelines
Breast milk freezing guidelines
Printable door signs to hang on your door to let visitors know you are nursing or pumping
Nursing log that records which side you nursed/pumped on in previous sessions

Private Facebook Community
For additional support to help you through the breastfeeding process, you have access to our private Facebook tribe of breastfeeding moms. I'm also active in our mama tribe, so you'll have full access to me for additional support and help through our private community or through email. 

Lifetime Access
You get lifetime access to the course plus lifetime access to all course updates and new materials

As a student of Breastfeeding for Beginner's, you'll receive a free copy of my book written with spouses and partners in mind to help them know how they can help you during the first 45 days after childbirth (the most exhausting and difficult times).


You will instantly receive access to Breastfeeding for Beginners after your purchase.


DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this course, I understand this course is intended for educational purposes only. This course is not therapy or medical treatment, does not replace therapy or medical treatment, and does not establish a clinician-patient relationship.